2011 Messages
May the Lord add His blessing to His Word and may He cause those statements that are clearly of man to be like the chaff which the wind drives away.

2nd ... The Shadow of Christ (Pt 1 Seeing Christ as the Creator) 23rd ... The Shadow of Christ (Pt 4 Seeing Christ as the Seed of Abraham)
9th ... The Shadow of Christ (Pt 2 Seeing Christ as the Seed of Woman) 30th ... The Shadow of Christ (Pt 5 Seeing Christ as the Melchizedekian Priest)
16th ... The Shadow of Christ (Pt 3 Seeing Christ as the Redeemer)
6th ... The Shadow of Christ (Pt 6 Seeing Christ as the Lamb of God) 20th ... The Shadow of Christ (Pt 8 Seeing Christ as the Coming King)
13th ... The Shadow of Christ (Pt 7 Seeing Christ as the Way) 27th ... The Shadow of Christ (Pt 9 Seeing Christ as Our Passover)
6th ... The Shadow of Christ (Pt 10 Seeing Christ as the Light of the World) 25th ... Joshua Louk (Isaiah 49 - The Servant of the LORD)
13th ... The Shadow of Christ (Pt 11 Seeing Christ as the Bread of Life) 27th ... AM: Jerry Smith (Daniel - the Man of God)
20th ... The Shadow of Christ (Pt 12 Seeing Christ as the Living Water) 27th ... PM: Nathan Young (Paul - Advancing to the Bottom of the Totem Pole)
3rd ... The Shadow of Christ (Pt 13 Seeing Christ as the Mediator, Pt1) 17th ... The Shadow of Christ (Pt 14 Seeing Christ as the Sin Sacrifice)
10th ... The Shadow of Christ (Pt 13 Seeing Christ as the Mediator, Pt2) 24th ... The Shadow of Christ (Pt 15 Seeing Christ as the Firstfruits)
1st ... Teach Us To Pray 22nd ... The Shadow of Christ (Pt 17 Seeing Christ as the Prophet)
8th ... Daniel Brown - No recording 29th ... The Shadow of Christ (Pt 18 Seeing Christ as the Davidic King)
15th ... The Shadow of Christ (Pt 16 Seeing Christ as the Cure)
5th ... The Shadow of Christ (Pt 19 Seeing Christ as the Good Shepherd) 19th ... The Shadow of Christ (Pt 21 Seeing Christ as the Suffering Servant)
12th ... The Shadow of Christ (Pt 20 Seeing Christ as the Manifestation of God) 26th ... Devon Harris (Full Circle Refuge) ... Our Identity with Christ
3rd ... The Life of Christ (Pt 1 His Birth) ... no recording 24th ... The Life of Christ (Pt 3 The Preparation of His Ministry)
10th ... The Life of Christ (Pt 2 His Youth) 31st ... Are You Satisfied? (Steve Moore)
17th ... Dominic Gonino
7th ... Strengthening Your Faith (Ben Parsons) 21st ... The Life of Christ (Pt 5 The Power of His Ministry)
14th ... The Life of Christ (Pt 4 The Proclamation of His Ministry) 28th ... The Life of Christ (Pt 6 The Parables of His Ministry)
4th ... The Life of Christ (Pt 7a The Passion of His Ministry) 18th ... The Life of Christ (Pt 8 The Pattern of His Ministry)
11th ... The Life of Christ (Pt 7b The Passion of His Ministry) 25th ... Devon Harris (No Recording)
2nd ... The Life of Christ (Pt 9a The Promises of His Ministry) 23rd ... The Life of Christ (Pt 11 His Arrest)
9th ... The Life of Christ (Pt 9b The Promises of His Ministry) 30th ... The Life of Christ (Pt 12 His Crucifixion)
16th ... The Life of Christ (Pt 10 His Entry)
6th ... The Life of Christ (Pt 13 His Resurrection) 20th ... The Life of Christ (Pt 14 His Ascension)
13th ... James 1 (Ben Parsons) 27th ... The Return of Christ (Pt 1 The Prophecies of His Return)
4th ... The Return of Christ (Pt 2 The Climate of His Return) 18th ... The Return of Christ (Pt 4 The Anticipation of His Return)
11th ... The Return of Christ (Pt 3 The Timing of His Return) 25th ... Majestic Meekness