* We have continued to use the Zoom technology to allow us to minister to the whole assembly (including those joining us from a distance, or at home due to sickness, etc). Those who participate via Zoom are placed on the screen in the front of the chapel to allow those attending "in person" to remember, and interact with, those who are attending "virtually." Additionally, we have two camera "views" that we are using for those using Zoom - to assist with them having a greater feel of participation.
* If you would like to "Visit" with us on Sunday, we would love to have you experience an interactive body of Christ. Though we would love to have you visit in person, we would still be honored if you chose to "visit" virtually.
* Send us an email: home@family-bible-church.org, give us a call (762-333-2298) or message us on Facebook. ... and we will give you the Zoom invitation information.
* Additionally, we have created a YouTube Channel to post the message portion of our meetings.

Sunday School .... 9:30 AM
Worship Service .... 10:30 AM
Kids Club @ FBC (Age 3 - 6th Grade) .... 7:00 PM
Victors in Christ (7th-12th grade) .... 7:00 PM
Using material from Word of Life Clubs
Adult Prayer & Bible Study .... 7:00 PM

COMMUNION SERVICE - During the Worship Service on the 1st Sunday of each month. We usually follow this special service with a fellowship dinner.
CARE GROUPS - On the 2nd and 4th Sunday evening of each month we meet in homes, or at the church facility, for additional fellowship, outreach, prayer, and training.
5th SUNDAY FELLOWSHIPS - Whenever there is a 5th Sunday, we gather together in the evening for a time of fellowship.