Date: September 20, 2020
Title: The Pearls of Wisdom (Honoring YHWH)
Passage: There are assorted verses. Please use the sermon note sheet as reference tool.
Speaker: Bob Corbin

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* In our study of the book of Proverbs, we have transitioned into more of a "Topical Approach" in considering the Pearls of Wisdom.
* Three weeks ago, we considered the call for us to bind "mercy and truth" about our necks. In that message, we considered that the Hebrew words used were: khesed and emet, and that combined they referred to a trustworthiness - faithful and true. Additionally, this combined quality was applied to YHWH Himself and is what Jesus (YHWH Incarnate) would be referred to as at His return. It is this attribute, as well, that will be applied to those who serve the Lord faithfully!
* Last week, we saw that because of the khesed and emet of YHWH being bound about our necks we should trust in Him with ALL our hearts. In doing so, we will not lean on our own understanding but rather "acknowledge Him" (lit. know Him) in ALL our ways.
* Today, we will discuss THE CHIEF WAY that reveal that we are truly trusting in YHWH ... If we HONOR Him with our MATERIAL RESOURCES!
* As Jesus stated in the Sermon on the Mount - you cannot serve God and mammon (the things that money buys). In Matthew 25, He gives a parable, relating to the Kingdom of Heaven, where He describes a Master who gives of his assets to three servants and then goes away. His expectation was that they would take these resources as a stewardship and invest them for him while he was away. Two did and one did not. The two that did heard that beautiful statement: "Well done, My good and faithful (khesed and emet) servant!"
* Let's see what the Scriptures tell us about reveal our Confidence in the Khesed and Emet of YHWH demonstrated in our Honoring Him with our Material Resources!