Date: February 17, 2019
Title: The Privilege of Prayer
Speaker: Bob Corbin

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* With our spring week of prayer and fasting coming up, we have interrupted our study of Matthew for six weeks to consider some of the Biblical instructions and illustrations regarding prayer.
* Our focus on prayer cannot be overstated. It is one of the primary injunctions given to the church. In Matthew 6:5-9, three times Jesus presents the assumption that His followers will pray and twice He gives an injunction/command for them to pray. In 1 Thessalonians 5:16-17, Paul commands believers to'pray without ceasing.'
* This message begins to look at the importance of prayer in the life of the believer, and the church collectively, by considering the privilege of prayer.
* First, however, we must ask the question: What is prayer? According to secular dictionaries, Prayer is 'a reverent petition made to God, a god, or another object of worship. ... An act of communion with God, a god, or another object of worship.' They define communion as 'the act or an instance of sharing, as of thoughts or feelings. Religious or spiritual fellowship'
* As we will see, prayer is communication with God in worship!
* As we consider the privilege that we have to pray to the Creator God of the Universe, we must first consider who He is and then who we are! God is. He is God alone; there is no other God! The Bible tells us that all other 'gods' are demons in disguise! The one and only true God is omniscient (all-knowing), omnipresent (everywhere present at the same time), and omnipotent (all-power).
* We, on the other hand, are created, sinful beings who have been privileged to be redeemed by His grace and mercy.
* But, His grace extends even further, not only has He redeemed us but He has brought us into a special relationship with Him. He has adopted us to be 'Sons of God' and has given the church to be the 'Bride of Christ.'