Date: September 9, 2018
Title: The Standard of the Kingdom (Pt 1 - A Different Standard)
Passage: Matthew 5:1-16
Speaker: David Hayes

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* Focusing on the Messiah in the book of Matthew.
* Matthew was a Jewish man writing about the Jewish Messiah to a Jewish audience. As we study his account of the life and ministry of Jesus (Y'shua) we need to keep looking at from that context.
* In the previous message in this series, we considered the message of the Messiah. Jesus, like His forerunner John, called upon the people to Repent (metanoia - change the way you think) and challenged them to Follow Him (with the promise that He would make them fishers of men).
* Today, we begin looking at a portion of Scripture commonly referred to as "The Sermon on the Mount." In this sermon, Jesus builds upon His overall Messianic message and begins to reveal what a different mindset would look like. When we follow Jesus, we will begin to have a Kingdom Worldview not a Secular Worldview. When this happens, we will (super)naturally be salt and light in this world.