Date: December 9, 2018
Title: The Doubting of the His Authority
Passage: Matthew 11:1-24
Speaker: Bob Corbin

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* Focusing on the Messiah in the book of Matthew. Matthew was a Jewish man writing to a Jewish audience and giving testimony regarding the life and ministry of the Messiah who had been foretold by many of the Jewish prophets.
* Recently, we have been considering the expression of the authority of Jesus. He had revealed His authority over demons, diseases, nature, disabilities and even death! He then delegated that authority to His disciples as He sent them off into the cities and villages of Israel to proclaim the good news of the Kingdom.
* During this time, John the Baptist had been arrested. While he was jail, his disciples came to him. They discussed whether Jesus was the waited-for Messiah. John sent them to Jesus to ask the question.
* The primary teaching point in this passage is a contrast of doubt. Doubt can stem from diverse origins. It is the belief behind the doubt that truly is the key. Some may doubt due to misconceptions, confusion or bewilderment. Yet others doubt as a result of rejection and rebellion. Even the strongest of believers may have moments where perplexity and confusion can cause a moment of doubt. In those moments, we need to go back to what we know to be true.