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Date: March 1, 2015
Title: The Calling of God (Pt. 1)
Passage: Romans 8:28-9:33
Speaker: Bob Corbin

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* Two weeks ago, we considered the purpose, progression and preservation of God in the life of those who love God and are the "according-to-apurpose called-ones".
* However, we had enough time to just scratch the surface as we begin to enter this significant transition of thoughts.
* Paul has adequately and eloquently presented that salvation is not according to the deeds of men but rather through the expression of faith in the redemptive work of God
* As His children, adopted into His family by His grace, we can be assured that everything that He allows into our lives through His Sovereign sieve will work together for good!
* As we considered this marvelous truth, we came to the place where Israelites would be saying: "Wait a second! We are the children of God! ... God chose us! He called us!" ... Paul continues this rhetorical argument utilizing some terms that have been the source of much theological debate.
* We continue our examination of this transitional passage by considering the calling of God ... first, as discussed here towards individuals and then, Lord willing, next week as we begin to consider how all this applies to the calling of Israel.