Date: September 9, 2012
Title: Cain and Abel
Passage: Genesis 4:1-26 ... click on passage to open new window in Bible Gateway
Speaker: Bob Corbin

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In Genesis 4 we see the sad continuance of sin in the second generation. Apparently, God had instituted a sacrificial system where a firstfruit offering was to be brought. Abel brought the choicest part of the firstborn of the flock; Cain brought "some of" the fruit of the ground. Though some interpret Cain's sin as not having a blood sacrifice, the Hebrew text does not confirm that interpretation. Rather, the offering that they brought was a minchah (a general offering, used of the grain offerings in Leviticus), not an olah (something given wholly over to destruction, used of sin sacrifices and burnt offerings) or ishah (that which is sacrificed by fire). God admonished Cain and warned him about the sin that was lurking at the door. God told him that he must master the sin or it would consume him. Cain rejected God's counsel, slew his brother and was banished from dwelling with the rest of his family. It is easy for us to pick on Cain, but do we seek to give God less than our best too? Do we ignore, reject, or despise the counsel of God? We must beware of the sin lurking at our door too!

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