Date: September 6, 2021
Title: He Loved Them to the End
Passage: John 13:1-17
Speaker: Bob Corbin

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* This message was presented on a Monday morning, at the end our annual Family Camp.
* Over the past six months we have examined the public ministry of Christ. John spent the first 12 chapters of His gospel account revealing the Deity of Christ - that Jesus was truly the Son of God. We saw that Jesus not only declared that He was YHWH, but that He also performed miracles that only YHWH could do.
* Today, we come to chapter 13, where we find a major transition that will last for the next five chapters. John takes the space in his gospel account to reveal Jesus' final teaching and instruction to His disciples. When you know that you are about to pass away, you want to make sure that you impart those things that you believe those you are leaving behind need to know. This is what we will be considering over the next two months or so.
* Today, we consider the importance of Jesus' demonstration of servant leadership.