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Date: September 3-5, 2021 (Family Camp)
Speaker: Dr. Jim Muncy
Session 1: Introduction - Guarding Our Minds
Session 2: Managing Our Relationships
Session 3: Managing Our Finances
Session 4: Managing Our Time

Teaching Note Booklet

* This series of messages were presented at our annual Family Camp by Dr. Jim Muncy.
* At the time of this camp, Dr. Muncy is/was Professor of Marketing at Bradley University. Jim received his undergraduate and Ph.D. from Texas Tech University. In addition to Bradley, he has also taught on the faculties at Clemson University, University of Oklahoma, Texas Tech, and Valdosta State. Jim has started six successful businesses and was the Executive Director of the largest consumer research association in the world.
* Jim was not raised in a Christian home but, when he was in eighth grade, a college student who lived on his street shared Christ with him. It was then that Jim accepted God's free gift of salvation.
* Jim has written two books, one on success and one on time management. He has spoken to many Christian and business groups on a wide variety of topics including success, time management, marketing, interpersonal relationships, and Christian living in the everyday world.
* During this weekend camp, Dr. Muncy shared Biblical principles regarding having a proper thought process; specifically, as it applies to managing our relationships, finances and usage of time.