Date: February 28, 2021
Title: The Perpetuity of Wisdom
Speaker: Bob Corbin

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* We have come to our final study in this series on the book of Proverbs - today we want to consider the Perpetuity of Wisdom.
* We began this study on May 31, 2020 with "An Introduction to the Book of Proverbs"
- In that message, we noted that the "Self-Improvement Industry" was worth $11.6 billion in 2019 (in just the U.S.) and estimated to grow to $13.2 billion by 2022. Yet, God has given us the ultimate source of wisdom - His Word ... and it is never-changing!
* PHILOSOPHY is the field of study that "investigates reality and human existence." Literally, it means "the love of wisdom" (from Philo - sophos). Interestingly, "religion" is a subset of philosophy. Even more interesting is therefore is the core question of philosophy: "What is the uncaused cause?"
- At the root of the understanding of reality, and the love of wisdom, is a true understanding of what, or WHO, is the uncaused cause!
- When you have the proper foundation ... you can begin to build the proper structure!