Date: August 15, 2021
Title: Making a Decision
Passage: John 11:45-12:11
Speaker: Bob Corbin

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* The Gospel according to John: John's presentation of Jesus as the Son of God who became the Lamb of God to take away the sins of the world, in order to strengthen and unify the church around this core belief.
* THE LINE IN THE SAND ... Jesus declared: I am I AM. The Jews understood what Jesus was declaring: "You, being a man, make Yourself God!" Jesus responded: "Though you do not believe Me, believe the works, that you may know and believe that in Me is the Father, and also I am in Him."
* Jesus had performed undeniable works - including giving sight to a man born blind. This was a miracle that was unparalleled. He did what only the Creator could do! But, then He raised Lazarus from the dead ... and Lazarus had been dead four days!
* What were the religious leaders to do? They had to decide. On which side of the line were they going to stand?
* Today, we see the remarkable juxtaposition of results in choosing a side in this life and death decision!