Date: October 6, 2019
Title: Faith v. Fear
Passage: Numbers 13:25-14:9
Speaker: Ervin Stutzman

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* When we come to hard circumstances, we have two choices: Faith or Fear.
* Many of our fears are unreasonable which cause us to do unreasonable things. Fear is caused by several factors. First, we fall into fear when we focus on the obstacles. Fear can be a result of us being confronted with different people and/or cultures. Fear can result when are focused on, or stuck in, the past. (Focusing on the past presents an unreasonable fear for the future.) Finally, and probably the greatest problem, is a lack of faith in God.
* Faith conquers fear. * Fear results in depression (the people wept all night), misery and a desire to run away. However, you cannot run away from difficulties ... they will follow you!
* Fear causes us to miss out on blessings and sadly, we don't even know it sometimes. When we choose fear instead of faith we miss out on blessings.
* When we step out on faith, trusting God, we get to see what God can do through a willing vessel. True faith is faith that is focused in the faithfulness of God; that God will do something. God may not act according to our plans, but God will do it.
* Finally, when we choose fear instead of faith it will affect our children.
* Faith brings blessing, peace, joy, hope, and good works.
* Are you walking in fear or faith?
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