Date: December 10
Title: Pt. 1 - The Wisdom of God
Passage: 1 Corinthians 1:10-4:21 ... click on passage to open new window in Bible Gateway
Speaker: Bob Corbin

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1 Corinthians 1:10-4:21
Pt. 1 - The Wisdom of God
* Last week, we began a new series of messages focusing on Paul's first epistle to the church of Corinth. * The City of Corinth physically sat an important crossroad: for foot travel in Grecian peninsula and for sea travel for those seeking to bypass traversing around the peninsula. * Hence, the church of Corinth sat at a crossroads as well - a crossroads of clashing cultures. They struggled in knowing how to apply their new faith in the One True God in a world of hedonism and idolatry. Additionally, they struggled with the conflicting Libertine views of the Gentiles and the Legalistic views of the Jews. * Our study of this epistle will give us opportunity to discuss many of these same struggles which face the church of America today. * In our study last week, we saw the sovereignty of God in the establishment, calling, enrichment and confirmation of the church. Paul began the epistle by reminding and encouraging the believers of Corinth how God had called them out of the world in order to be set apart. * However, as we begin to see today, their unity in Christ was being tested by the doctrines of man. * Over the next three Sundays, we will consider the same major portion of Scripture. Today, we will be focusing upon the parenthetical teaching of Paul as he deals with this apparent division in the church.
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