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Date: October 7, 2012
Title: The Call of Abram
Passage: Genesis 11:10-12:20 ... click on passage to open new window in Bible Gateway
Speaker: Bob Corbin

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Through the description of history, as recorded in the Scriptures, God has chosen to work through various individuals at various times. One of those individuals God chose to use was Abram. God called to Abram to leave his country, his family, and his religious heritage. God promised that he would lead Abram to a special country and make of him a great nation. Abram believed God and heeded His voice. Yet Abram, being yet young in his faith, failed at times to keep his focus on God during the ensuing hard times. We, as well, must be faithful to answer the call of God and to trust that He is faithful not to allow us to be tempted, or tried, beyond what we are able to bear. Our faith is strengthened when we undergo times when we must trust God against the backdrop of the circumstances in life.

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